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About Us

Beach Bee Balm product line up in the sand

Welcome to Beach Bee Balm, where we're passionate about creating wholesome, natural lip care products that you'll love. Our story began in sunny San Diego, where our founder, Summer, struggled to find a lip balm that met her high standards for quality and purity.

Frustrated by the numerous products filled with unpronounceable ingredients and cheap, unhealthy fillers, Summer set out to create a lip balm that aligned with her values and those of like-minded individuals. She believed that people deserved a lip balm made with ingredients they could recognize and trust.

After extensive research and recipe testing, Summer crafted the perfect blend of nourishing ingredients: beeswax, organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and an essential oil. This simple yet powerful combination promotes healthy, moisturized lips without any of the unnecessary additives found in conventional products.

At Beach Bee Balm, we're proud to offer you locally made lip balms that prioritize quality and sustainability. We invite you to experience the difference our natural, lovingly crafted lip balms can make in your daily self-care routine. Join us on this journey to embrace a healthier, more natural approach to lip care.

Summer and a green bird

Summer Daisy


Our 20 year old founder.

Beach Bee Balm, founded by Summer in San Diego, offers a simplistic, natural moisturizing lip balm made from recognizable ingredients like beeswax, organic coconut oil, and olive oil. We prioritize quality, sustainability, and local production for a healthier, more natural lip care experience.

Summer and Pickles, a bird available for adoption at Free Flight in Del Mar.

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